November 14, 2017

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Gifting meaningfully this holiday season...

The Olive Tree Reusable Cotton Bag Christmas 2017

In line with our efforts to reduce waste, this season's gift wrapping comes in a reusable The Olive Cotton Bag ("Cotton Bag"). This Cotton Bag is lightweight, versatile and makes a handy travel companion.

Read on to find out more about this season's key theme.

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When The Olive Tree Meets Lilin + Co...

The Olive Tree x Lilin + Co Ylang Ylang Geranium Essential Oil Scented Premium Soy Wax Candle

We are really excited to share the fruits of our collaboration as each soy candle, made from 100% premium soy wax and 100% pure essential oils, is carefully hand-poured in small batches. Currently these soy candles are available in Ylang Ylang and Geranium scents, retailing at RM 69.90 each with burn time of approximately 20 hours. 

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March 24, 2017

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How our natural handmade olive soaps are made?

cold processed natural handmade olive soap

Our handmade soaps are made in small batches using the cold process method. With this method, the production process takes place within 45 degrees Celsius which helps to retain the precious nutrients of the oils.

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3 Tips to using our natural handmade soaps

3 tips to using natural handmade olive soaps

1. To prolong the use of our handmade soap, please keep it dry after use. Place it on a soap dish with sufficient drainage or a soap net. As our soap is olive oil based, it tends to melt faster when it sits in water. 

2. Do store unopened soaps in a cool, dry and dark area. Your wardrobe closet would be ideal. You may notice that droplets may form on these soaps although they are not in use. This is because the glycerine inside the soap is doing its job of drawing moisture from the air to the soap and when applied on your skin, this is one of the reasons why using handmade soap is not drying.  

3. Don't be put off if your bar of soap is slimier or not as aesthetically pleasing as the soaps you bought prior. This is because we use unrefined olive oil in our soaps and with all natural ingredients, they do vary from each harvest and yield. The slimier version is caused by the batch of unrefined olive oil which is richer in humectant properties and produces more glycerine (slimy transparent layer) that keeps your skin moisturized. So, be rest assured that the bar of soap still cleans and moisturizes just as well.

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4 Ways to Use Essential Oils by Diva In Me

diva in me dec2016 the olive tree liquid castile soap virgin olive oil french lavender sweet orange essential oil

Remember The Olive Tree? I talked about them last year when they first launched in Malaysia (post here). The Olive Tree products are veganbiodegradable and made of the highest quality natural ingredients sourced from plants. All products are made in Australia and strictly against animal testing. This year, they've grown and now they carry more products, which include essential oils and carrier oils. Let me explain further about them and ways to use them.

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May 17, 2016

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Don't sweat it...

handmade soap sweating

You may find the soap a little wet at times. A quality bar of handmade soap will tend to "sweat" in humid weather due to the high content of natural humectants. A humectant is a substance that absorbs moisture from its surroundings but not from the soap itself. The soap "sweating" does not affect any of the soap's abilities. Soap "sweating" demonstrates that the humectant agents in the soap are just merely doing their job of accumulating moisture from the air, leaving your skin moisturized.

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April 25, 2016

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What happens when you switch to natural hair care routine?

natural shampoo conditioner rosemary mint tea tree mint

When switching to natural hair care routine, during the initial stages, your hair may feel stiff, sticky or dry as natural hair care products detox your hair from petrochemical polymer which acts as a coating agent. All these transitional inconveniences which can last between 2 weeks to 2 months will gradually disappear as your hair and scalp adjusts to the natural hair care regime.

Tips to using natural hair care:-
1. Thoroughly wet your hair before applying shampoo.
2. If you want more lather, apply more water to the shampoo or shampoo twice.
3. Rinse your hair thoroughly.
4. Rinse with apple cider vinegar to help balance the pH of your hair and remove the buildup that resulted from the used of styling products and conventional shampoos.
5. Use a conditioner and comb from midlengths to ends of hair, then rinse thoroughly.

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