Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) about Little Olive Tree

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)  about Little Olive Tree
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)  about Little Olive Tree
Q : Can Adults Use Little Olive Tree Products ?
Yes ! Little Olive Tree is suitable for adults too. This is because “Little Olive Tree” is the more milder version, even adults with have sensitive skin also can use it. 
Q : Is it suitable to use Lavender Baby Wash 250ml to wash a baby’s face ?
Yes, it can. The baby wash can be applied to the face or even used for adult facial cleansing. Its pH level is at 5, making it very gentle and unlikely to cause eye irritation. 
Q : What’s the difference between “Lavender Baby Wash 250ml” & “Hand & Body Wash - Lavender 500ml”  ?
Actually there is no difference between  “Lavender Baby Wash 250ml” & “Hand & Body Wash - Lavender 500ml”. The only difference is the packaging. We offer two different packaging options with the same ingredients
One comes in a 250ml size, while the other is 500ml. Bigger kids may choose  for the 500ml size, as they typically need more. Both variants are available in Lavender essential oil only, known for its gentle nature and help to soothe skin that is suitable for kids and babies.
Q : What if my  baby accidentally licked the baby lotion or baby cream after the application?
Our unscented lotion and baby cream are entirely free from any harmful ingredients such as SLS, Parabens, synthetic colors, or fragrances. For this baby product, no harmful ingredients are added, including any mineral oils and petroleum. Both of them are unscented, meaning that there are no synthetic fragrances added. 
Mommies shouldn't worry because once the lotion or cream has been applied, it has been absorbed into the skin, so there's no need to worry about the baby licking the excess.
The main ingredient used is water, and we use Aloe vera juice as the base of the product. If the baby might lick the product during application, it will not be harmful. However, we suggest avoiding internal consumption and only using it externally.

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