OneLess Festival


Wanna learn the easy way to live plastic-free?

ONELESS Festival is a plastic-free event offering shopping, food & beverages, workshops with artisan and plant-based food galore, package-free, environmental zone, workshops, and a plastic-free fun experience from over 30 brands.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own (BYO) lunch boxes, reusable cups, and shopping bags. The event will unveil a stunning art installation by Reimagine Plastic, made using 5000 plastic bags.

There will be a collection of various types of plastic waste (Hara Makers & Biji- Biji Initiative), unwanted clothes (Kloth Cares), E-waste (ERTH), used cooking oils (Minimize Zero Waste Store), and redemption of free trees (Free Tree Society) by many NGOs and social enterprise.