One Less Festival - 12 Days of Green Holiday

Mindful Shopping and Good Holiday Cheers Happen in A Space

Behold! This is a step up from OneLess Festival 1.0 for the green holiday market this season!


You can rethink the way you shop your gifts this holiday season by showing support for companies that operate with a social and environmental purpose by selling local, all-natural, eco-conscious, package-free, and ethical goods.
We’re here to help you reimagine the types of gifts you may give to every loved one. The best of all, with lots of exciting weekly activities, you can connect with people, enable positive change, and help to bring about mindful shopping.


Taking place at Sunway Nexis, G Floor, see you every Friday to Sunday from 25 Nov till 18 Dec 2022.

Shop Black Friday right and skate right! This week is all about promoting eco-friendly hobbies including green skating for all green communities in the Sunway Nexis spacious and comfortable common areas. Come and experience it for yourself.

Discover a fabulous collection of plastic-free gifts and crafts for anyone or the next generation. Find reusable, upcycled, recycled arts or purely buying local arts to support. If you keep loving all those nice Pinterest posts but no time to make it, this is the place for all the handmade party!!!  

Personalized, local, eco-friendly, and shop it the green way. While material gifts are great to receive, open your holiday gift options to intangible and experiential gift that improve quality of life of loved ones - eg. camping cafe experience, spa day, surprise trip, amusement park ticket, hobby class, health check or dine-in. 

Vegan lovers, rejoice! This week we are making vegan gifting accessible to everyone, and a thoughtful way to support our vegan loved ones in their ethical choices. This market brings convenience so that you don't have to spend endless hours searching the internet for the best vegan-centric gifts. Ranging from vegan or plant-based food to cruelty-free personal care products. So stay vegan!


Little Story of One Less Festival
The first One Less Festival by The Olive Tree was kicked off by Tengku Zatashah on 28 May with the highlight of “Last Tree In the City” art installation that made of 2, 515 plastic food wrappers from the PJ communities with the aim to show the importance to reduce one less plastic through our daily consumption.


We have successfully drawn more than 2,000 visitors to join our plastic-free journey and together with over local brands, NGOs and social enterprises, we have saved more than 3,600 kgs of plastic waste. 

Happy Faces Trash Free Moments
We're always so delighted at all the happy moments captured at #OneLessFestival. If you think #plasticfree event like #OneLessFestival is going to boring, think twice! Zero plastic doesn’t mean zero fun because it can be pretty fantastic when we have all the food galore, handicraft, gardening, bulk store, and many more surprises for you to explore.


With 4 weeks of different themed markets this Nov till Dec 2022, imagine the endless possibilities of entertaining yet sustainable endeavor you can experience!