Diffuser Troubleshooting Guide

If you are having problems with your diffuser, try these troubleshooting steps:

My diffuser does not work at all:

People often get water inside the diffuser through overfilling, bumping or moving the diffuser around while full. If water or essential oil enters the diffuser it will quit working. If this happens, your should unplug and clean the unit and remove any water and let it sit for a day or two to "dry out". Water may evaporate in a matter of hours, but essential oils take more time. After it has had time to dry, refill and try it again. The moisture will evaporate and the diffuser should work once again. If your unit still doesn't work, then contact us.

Diffusion is very weak and or lower than usual:

Water in diffuser feels hot:

Lights turn on but there is no diffusion:

Diffuser still not working despite the going through the troubleshooting steps above?