Damask Rose Floral Facial Care Review

Damask Rose Floral Facial Care Travel Set

"Love the serum & moisturiser a lot!" - Gene

"Very soft and smell really nice... for sure to buy again..." - Ain Amin

"Very convenient and easy to use. The set smells heavenly, my favourite steps were the cleanser, toner & essence as they suited me well and added a level spa like level feeling to my routine. The moisturizer was a little hard to absorb. Overall this is a great routine for dehydrated skin. My skin was more even, radiant, supple and smooth." - Amelia Ho

"I have eczema around my eyes and dimples area, so I am very careful of what I apply on my face and anywhere near the eyes. So far this set do not cause any irritation to my skin.  While the moisturizer, at first it seems quite thick to me, however it actually absorb pretty well and keep me hydrated throughout the day.  Overall, this product do no trigger any itchiness to my skin or face.  So yes, I will re-purchase this set again in future!!! Thanks The Olive Tree! :)" - Sammie

"Great ratings. My skin is more hydrated than before." - Ai Ping

"I've dehydrated skin and Its always difficult to get suitable products that has the proper hydration that can penetrate into the skin. Surprisingly this set works for me despite my preference towards gel products instead of cream or light cream as my fear of breakouts from a rich products. Subsequently, i probably need to reduce the portion a bit or reduce usage of the serum when I find my skin need a breath. The pack size seems small but I realized that I don't need a lot of it but only two pumps each time, hence this would last me a long way even though it's just 5ml of moisturizer and 50ml of cleanser." - Gaik Hong

"I love The Olive Tree products but I think this skincare is not my ideal travel set for my dry skin. The cleanser and toner are wonderful, they really nice products and comes in a friendly 50ml bottle. As much as I think the serum and moisturiser bottle are cute and I love that it's in a pump form, 5ml is just way too little to travel with, especially if I'm travelling during winter/cold weather. Besides that, i don't enjoy the serum as it's quite sticky. Moisturiser on the other hand is pretty good, lightweight and feels nice. However, for my dry skin, I like to use this during the day time only as I prefer something richer for night time." - JQ

"I have dehydrated skin and I have tried many many different products but none of them really helps.  The first few days of trying the Damask Rose Facial Care set I started to have about 5-6 small breakouts on my face, I thought I was sensitive to the product because I don't normally have breakouts. But I continue to use it as I didn't feel any discomfort (itch) on my face. About one week after, the breakouts all gone and I can notice my face are smoother than before! Pore shrunk and my skin is not that dry anymore!  I really love the smell of this facial care set and I have to say that the cleanser is very gentle yet does its job- cleanse. It is not like other cleanser that your skin feels very tight after cleansing, my skin actually felt smoother every time after cleansing as it doesn't dry up.  The toner and serum absorbs very well into my skin and it doesn't feel sticky at all even the texture is very thick. The moisturizer is moisturising enough and it's not oily. My face was always fresh after applying the moisturizer.  Overall, this Damask Rose set suits my skin condition very well and I can start to see that my skin is improving.  Will purchase the full size." - Kirsten

"First and foremost, I have sensitive skin which blemishes whether it is too dry or too oily. After trying this product, I find that my skin feels really soft and hydrated. And I only use it in the morning and at night. In between the day, my skin still feels hydrated and not very oily even after a full day of activities and work.  The texture of the cleanser is a bit like a cleansing oil. At first I thought that it was too gentle and had doubts on whether it would cleanse my skin properly. My doubts were cleared when I used it to cleanse my face after using a makeup remover wipe. My skin felt so clean and soft after using the cleanser and most importantly is that I did not even use a lot of the product. This cleanser is truly gentle on the skin but is so strong in terms of cleansing.  The toner is also very gentle on my skin and absorbs very fast.  I can then apply the serum which makes absorption of the moisturiser even better after that. Don't be fooled by the thick texture of the moisturiser. It actually absorbs very well and makes my skin very smooth and hydrated.  This 4 piece facial care set is truly a good combination and works super well with my sensitive skin.  Try this set out first if you are really skeptical. And then you can just get the full sized products.  The smell though needs a bit of getting used to. It doesn't really smell as fragrant as to my liking. This is just a personal preference. Maybe you would like it better compared to me. But, I am totally loving how the products work on my skin!" - Wei Ying

"1. No more dry skin 
2. Soft and subtle 
3. Doesn’t irritate my skin (cause I have eczema on my palm so when i apply on my palm before my face, it doesn’t irritate) 
4. The smell is so nice and calm" - Shazreeza

"Not really suit my skin (dry + sensitive) as the texture is very thick, i guess in Malaysia the weather is too humid, not easy for skin to absorb the toner & cream." - Karen

"My sensitive skin does not tolerate most of the commercial skincare products but these are really kind to my skin! Besides its amazing functions to clean and moisturise, I really love the heavenly scent - it actually calms. Friends commented that I look more "awake" now!" - Catherine

"The Damask Rose Facial Care is awesome!!! I have a very sensitive skin! My skin will pop up acne if it is too oily, too hot, too dry or too cold. It is really irritating especially my travel time. Every time I travel and come back I'll pop up a lot of acne on my face due to the weather. After I tried the Damask Rose Facial Care I found my skin is stable and wont pop up acne even after my travel. This is really good and highly recommended for those who have a sensitive skin. The texture of the products is very thin and easy to absorb. You find it sticky. Thank you for the amazing products!!! :)" - Joe

Damask Rose Floral Facial Cleanser

"Not so much foam but my face feels clean and refreshing." - Mei Ling

Damask Rose Floral Facial Bar

"This time is my first time that I have been using this soap which is very enrich for my skin.  Fantastic product!! I couldn’t stop to use this lovely facial bar forever. Thank you to Olive tree for making awesome product." - Claire

"Fantastic products. I am especially impressed by the rose facial soap, cleanses very well and does not make me feel dry at all. my pores look more refined. skin regained natural fairness and pinkish. highly recommended facial products and shampoo set." - Vivian

"This is my first bar type of facial cleanser. I was surprise of how much my face love this. I cut a small piece to use. It doesn't bubble as much as other foam cleanser, it is not for you if you love very foaming cleanser." - Agnes

"This soap is really good for my sensitive skin, I hardly trust new products for my skin, but this soap doesn't dry my skin out! Really love the case! Easy to carry everywhere." - Nur Atikah

Damask Rose Floral Facial Toner

"It's amazingggggggggg!!!! I love the rose extract. Which makes my skin look extraa glowing. Its brighten my skin soo muchhhh 😍" - Fyn

Damask Rose Floral Facial Serum

"I received free Damask Rose Facial Serum from The Olive Tree and it arrived at the perfect time as I’m having breakout due to my hormones. It comes in a cute box, a personal handwritten note plus there a cap on the pump which you can remove when you want to pump out the serum. The facial serum has a light rose smell to it which I like because the smell is not too heavy. I’m using the serum with a different brand of cleanser, toner and moisturiser and I’ve been trying this product for more than one week and it does slightly reduce the redness on my face and it’s suitable for sensitive skin. The serum is not sticky and gave a matte finish. I have a sensitive skin and this serum does not irritate my skin. It does not sting and leave red spots/patches on my face after applying plus my skin does not feel clogged, uncomfortable or unbreathable. Tried other facial serums before and it was not suitable for my skin unlike this one. I noticed on my second day, my skin feel softer and moisturized. While I’m not sure on how effective it is against acne, the serum does help reduce the redness on my skin and for me, it does reduce the acne pain (from the newly formed acne). So far this serum does help with some of my skin issues. I went and bought the rest of the Damask Rose facial care range, will start using it after my current skincare products finished. Hopefully it will help restore my skin back to how it was before. Thank you again The Olive Tree for the facial serum." - Nur Hafizah

"I have a sensitive combination acne skin. My skin always becomes red after I removed my makeup and wash my face. The Damask Rose Floral facial serum helps soothe the redness and good at stabilizing the acne skin. I love the texture of the serum. It is gel-like when pumped but when spread gently on your skin, it turns watery and absorbed easily. It smells pleasant and therapeutic too, I tend to use this as part of my night time skin care now." - Ivana