Minimise stuffy skin after a long day of wearing a mask



Our Self-Care Set is the essential travel companion back to the office as it has got all your needs covered.

Protecting your face with a face mask for long periods of time can lead to oil and sweat build up on the skin which may lead to inflammation, rashes and acne breakout. Given that we need to wash our hands more frequently now and at least 20 seconds, we can be gentler on our skin by using our gentle sulphate free lavender bergamot body wash which cleans gently and doesn't dry up your skin.

After your meal break, just freshen up your face, hands and teeth with our Self-Care set. 

This set includes:-

1. 1 x approx. 95g of Damask Rose Floral Facial Bar with Soap Tin worth RM 79.90
2. 1 x 50ml Damask Rose Floral Facial Toner worth RM 59.90
3. 1 x 5ml Damask Rose Floral Facial Serum worth RM 59.90
4. 1 x 5ml Damask Rose Floral Facial Moisturiser worth RM 59.90
5. 1 x 100ml Lavender Bergamot Hand & Body Wash worth RM 44.90
6. 1 x Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal Infused Polyester Bristles worth RM 9.90
7. 1 x Travel Pouch worth RM 19.90 

Our Hydrating Damask Rose Floral Facial Care range uses the finest quality ingredients of Bulgarian Damask Rose essential oil, French Roman Chamomile essential oil and Australian Calendula extract. 

It contains high antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties which can improve our skin condition whilst wearing a face mask for a long duration. Suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive skin like eczema. 

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