How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?

Are You Losing Too Much Hair In Shower?

Have you been noticing your hair falling out in your shower? Then you start questioning how much hair loss is normal, how many hairs we lose a day etc.
No one likes hair fall but before you panic, you have to be aware that you may have nothing to worry about. Hair fall is a person-to-person issue; different hair thicknesses may shed different amounts of hair per day. 
Typically, 50-100 strands a day is considered an average hair loss from the root. For healthy, thick, and dense hair, you may experience losing even more strands. if your hair is thinning out and you experience way beyond the normal range of hair fall, that means you need to pay attention to several factors such as diet, lifestyle, hormone change or genetic. 

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Hair shedding typically occurs when the body has undergone some form of stress. It can last between six to nine months, and then your hair should regain its normal fullness. This may occur after a stressful event, such as giving birth or recovering from an illness.  

On the other hand, hair loss is when something stops your hair from growing. There are plenty of causes, including hereditary hair loss, using harsh hair care products, or medications. At this point, you need to avoid causing your scalp any trauma – this means NO chemical service for your hair. 


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