Hair Myths: True or False?

The Olive Tree Natural Sulphate Free Hair Care
It’s safe to say that there are so many myths around on how you should or shouldn’t take care of your hair no matter where you get that info from – whether it’s from the magazine, social media, and rumours, or some hearsay. 

The most common one that we heard of all time is plucking grey hair will cause it to grow more and faster. So how much of those you heard is truth? Let’s start our true or false game now.


The Olive Tree Natural Sulphate Free Hair Care

FALSE! Most people with oily hair will avoid conditioner at all costs but the truth is: Oily hair almost always means a greasy scalp with drier ends.

FACT: conditioner is not okay for oily hair only when it’s used the wrong way, because it provides nourishment and protection that your hair can’t get from shampoo alone.

Here’s how: Choose a weightless and silicone-free conditioner so your hair isn't weighed down by the build-up. Use it just at the ends, avoid the scalp entirely, and don’t forget to rinse your hair thoroughly.

Remember this simple rule – shampoo for the root (scalp), conditioner for the ends (of hair). 


The Olive Tree Natural Sulphate Free Hair Care

TRUE! Being stressed can make your hair fall out.

FACT:  High level of stress can take a toll on your hair and push your hair follicles into a “resting” period and your scalp will not grow any new strands. Simply put, it’s like the situation where your body shuts down when you are sick or fatigued.

Here’s how: Manage your stress, coupled with a better diet, sleep pattern and lifestyle will help improve it. Look for shampoo products with natural and non-harsh ingredients such as Rosemary & Mint Shampoo so it DOES NOT add any burden to your hair to recover its growth.


The Olive Tree Natural Sulphate Free Hair Care

FALSE! A sensitive scalp can occur without any visible abnormalities.

FACT: We tend to associate visible redness or inflammation with sensitivity. But we can experience itching, tingling, tightness, burning sensations, and/or pain with no visible symptoms at all on the scalp.

Here’s how: Don’t simply go for baby shampoo because it’s developed for immature scalp. Sensitive scalp shampoo with an ultra-gentle formulation such as our Lavender Chamomile Shampoo is made to reduce scalp sensitivity and soothe inflammation in adults, and thus reduce the itching, tightness, and/or pain.


The Olive Tree Natural Sulphate Free Hair Care

It depends!

FACT: Let’s be objective. Washing your hair frequently can be damaging to some hair types, especially if your hair does not produce enough sebum a.k.a dry hair and scalp. But if you’re having oily scalp and afraid that your hair will get even oilier from washing or not washing, then the answer is yes! 

Here’s how: If the oils are stripped too often, this triggers your scalp to produce more oil which results in greasier hair faster. However not washing your hair will cause the sebum and impurities to start building up. Just make sure you’re using a shampoo and conditioner that balances and hydrates your hair


No matter what types of hairs you have and what kind of hair myths you have come across, it’s important to keep track of legit advice from professionals and people who have the know-how so you can properly care for your strands.

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