Day 6: Cleaning and Reusing Our Bottles



Hong Mei shares what she does when her existing bottles of The Olive Tree’s shampoo and shower gel are nearly empty.

She will add water to the bottle and pour the leftover shampoo or body wash into a pail and will repeatedly rinse the bottle until the contents of the bottle is empty.

The collected water in the pail can then be used to wash the basin, clean delicate items and lingerie or even be used as water to flush the toilet as our ingredients are biodegradable.

The clean bottles are then air-dried in the dish drainer.

Finally, these clean dry bottles will then be sterilised using a UV steriliser before these bottles are reused for refilling.

You can get refills of our shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion at our retail stores.

Alternatively, we reward customers who return their bottles to us which we will then clean again and sterilise before reusing them at our retail store and bulk stores which carry our products.

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