Day 4: Teaching Mummy to Shop in Lazada



When her mum ran out of body wash, Pui Teng taught her mum how easy and convenient it is to shop online now.

Our natural Rose Geranium Hand & Body Wash has the uplifting relaxing sweet scent of rose geranium suitable for clearing oily and congested skin, without stripping your skin of essential moisture and healthy oils.

Our hand & body washes are aloe-vera juice based and does not contain harsh chemicals like sulphates and parabens. Although it does not lather as much as conventional hand & body washes, our natural hand & body washes cleans effectively and removes germs, dirt and grime without drying out your skin.

It is a great alternative to hand sanitisers but please do remember to wash your hands thoroughly (i.e. lather up and scrub your hands and fingers with the hand wash for at least 20 seconds), rinse with clean water and dry your hands. Proper hand washing technique can help remove germs, dirt and grime effectively.

Raise your hands if your parents just can’t understand that we actually do work using our phones. 🙋


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