Day 14: Specially Made for Individuals with Sensitive Skin




Christal and Jesslyn shares about our unscented range which is specially made for individuals with sensitive skin types like eczema and psoriasis.

Our handmade cold process olive soap is our bestseller and is suitable for all skin types. It is unscented and rich in glycerine.

For those who prefer a liquid version of the soap, we have our Pure Liquid Castile Soap which on top of olive oil has added coconut oil and castor seed oil.

Apply our unscented Argan & Rosehip Body Lotion any time of the day as it has a rich texture yet is amazingly non-greasy.

Your skin will be thanking you for switching to gentler and milder products which gently cleanses yet doesn’t dry out your skin.

Tag someone you know who has sensitive skin who may benefit from checking out our olive soap, pure liquid Castile soap or argan & rosehip body lotion.

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