Rich Glycerine Goodness

Rich Glycerine Goodness

layer of glycerine on handmade soap messy rich goodness

Notice the transparent gooey layer on your handmade soaps? Well, that is highly prized glycerine which is extremely moisturizing for your skin. Glycerine is the by-product of the soap making process. It is a humectant which helps moisturize your skin as it draws moisture from the air. In commercial soaps, this glycerine is removed and added to other products like body lotions. However, in handmade soaps this lovely glycerine is still intact which leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized after use. 

Our handmade olive oil based soap does have that visible layer of glycerine when it sits in standing water because olive oil by nature is a very soft oil and tends to melt faster. Other plant oils like coconut oil and palm oil can be added to olive oil which will make the bar of soap harder, lather more and hence, last longer. However, currently our handmade soaps use no other plant oils except for olive oil, thus it does tend to be softer compared to other soaps which have added plant oils. 

The key to prolonging the use of handmade soaps is to keep it dry between use.

So, the next time you see a layer of glycerine on your soap, don't be afraid to use the slightly messy bar of soap on your skin as it will help moisturize your skin.

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