Day 8: Farra's Perfect Natural Makeup Remover

March 25, 2020



Farra, our Retail Associate based in Pavilion runs out of her usual makeup remover but she’s not too flustered as she knows her Damask Rose Floral Facial Bar is a gentle yet effective natural makeup remover.

It’s a luxurious bar of soap enriched with olive oil infused with calendula flowers, shea butter, avocado oil, rose water, chamomile flower water and jojoba oil.

Deeply hydrating for dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

Suitable skin types:
- Sensitive (including eczema & psoriasis)

- Normal

- Oily

- Dry

- Combination

Our facial bar is not only a gentle, moisturising and effective facial cleanser but doubles up as a gentle makeup remover too.

Highly recommended by Farra, give it a try for yourself today.

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