Pure Liquid Castile Soap for Sensitive Skin 500ml

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  • 适用于面部和身体
  • 适合所有肤质,尤其是敏感肌肤
  • 适合婴儿和幼儿

这种液体肥皂含有澳大利亚天然草本混合物,它确实 不是 包含以下内容:-

  • 棕榈油
  • 对羟基苯甲酸酯
  • 十二烷基硫酸钠 (SLS)
  • 月桂醇醚硫酸钠 (SLES)
  • 硅酮
  • 苛刻的石化
  • 合成香精
  • 人造色素



Olea Europaea(橄榄)果油、水、氢氧化钾*、Cocos Nucifera(椰子)油、Ricinus Communis(蓖麻)种子油

* 皂化成肥皂和油后无残留

Our delivery is 2-5 working days for West Malaysia, 3-7 working days for East Malaysia and all international shipment.

Orders will be couriered between 9am - 6pm from Monday to Friday only.

Pregnant women in their first trimester are not encouraged to use the product which contains rosemary and peppermint essential oil which may lead to uterine contractions. We recommend consulting your general practitioner on the ingredients list of our product prior to use.

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