Natural Silk Sponge for Facial Care

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This fine pore silk sponge is perfect for facial care as it provides gentle cleaning and removes impurities even for the most sensitive and delicate skin. 

This natural silk sponge grown ecologically in the Mediterranean with its unique softness and texture creates a rich lather without retaining the odour. 

Unlike a synthetic sponge that is made ​​of closed bubbles, the natural sponge consists of a channel system with each pore being connected to another. As such, this channel system enables the self cleaning mechanism of the sponge by flushing the dirt out of all the pores at once. The usage of a natural sponge is therefore highly hygienic and recommended for both allergies and sensitive skin types.

So, opt for natural sea sponge for a healthier and ecologically friendly alternative. 


* Softens and gently cleanses the skin
* Naturally exfoliates and removes dry skin
* Highly absorbent which creates rich lather without the odour
* Sustainable and environment friendly

Care Instructions:-

* Rinse in clean water after use. Please do not use boiling water as it is a pure natural fiber.
* Squeeze to expel water and hang up to dry.
* For extra cleaning, soak in 1 quart of water with 2 tbsp of baking soda for 1 hour.
* Alternatively, it can be washed in a laundry bag in the wool programme of the washing machine but without any washing powder.
* Your sponge will last for years with good care.

This is the only product in our store which is not vegan.  

Approx. 4 cm

Our delivery is 2-5 working days for West Malaysia, 3-7 working days for East Malaysia and all international shipment.

Orders will be couriered between 9am - 6pm from Monday to Friday only.

Pregnant women in their first trimester are not encouraged to use the product which contains rosemary and peppermint essential oil which may lead to uterine contractions. We recommend consulting your general practitioner on the ingredients list of our product prior to use.

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