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Natural Sea Sponge

Nature has gifted us with natural sea sponges with a unique softness and texture, rendering them extremely absorbent. The sponge helps in creating a rich lather without retaining the odour which enhances your shower ritual.

Our natural sea sponges are grown in ecologically designed farms located in pristine lagoons of Micronesia. These exquisite sea sponges which are nourished by the warm, pure waters of the Pacific Ocean are carefully hand selected.

Sponge farming is endorsed and promoted by the Micronesian Conservation Trust as it is in line with conservation of Micronesia's fragile and unique marine environment and the indigenous people who depend on it. 

These sponges are not processed or dyed using harsh chemicals and are 100% natural. Unlike synthetic sponges which may contain harmful chemicals like Triclosan. 

So, opt for natural sea wool sponge for a healthier and ecologically friendly alternative. 


* Softens and gently cleanses the skin
* Naturally exfoliates and removes dry skin
* Highly absorbent which creates rich lather without the odour
* Sustainable and environment friendly

Care Instructions:-

* Rinse in clean water after use.
* Squeeze to expel water.
* For extra cleaning, soak in 1 quart of water with 2 tbsp of baking soda for 1 hour.
* Your sponge will last for years with good care.

This is the only product in our store which is not vegan.  

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good but it tends to break

Natural sea sponge

Value for money! Worth buying. Body odour issue slowly being resolved. Hoping to eliminate body odour soon.

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