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Diffuser Essential Set

Your daily essentials are now available in this #StayAtHome box which gets delivered right to your doorstep!

You can now enhance your home's ambience with this Diffuser Essential Set which includes a 120ml ultrasonic diffuser which also acts as a humidifier and atomizer as well. This set also includes three specially curated essential oil blends to suit your daily needs - Relief (encourages easier breathing), Relax (relieves anxiety and stress) and Repel (repels mosquitoes).

This 120 ml The Olive Tree Home Diffuser vibrates at 2.4 million times per second, breaking the essential oil and water molecules making them easily absorbed by our bodies.

This diffuser has a capacity of 120 ml and operates in silent mode, diffusing mist in 30 ml / hour. It also allows you to set the diffusing time between 3 hours of continuous mode or 6 hours of alternate mode. It also features an auto shut-off mode when the water dries out.

Drop between 3 to 5 drops of your favourite essential oil into this diffuser and transform your home into a cosy spa now.

The diffuser comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. The diffuser is made in China. To receive the warranty service, the product has to be delivered, by hand or sent by prepaid delivery service, to our store in Malaysia, at your own risk and expense. The repaired product may be returned by post (air/surface) upon your request and at your own risk and expense. 

For cleaning and maintenance guide of the diffuser, you can read it here. In the event you need to troubleshoot your diffuser, you can read the troubleshooting guide here.

The Olive Tree essential oils are 100% pure and no additives, bases or synthetics were added. 

This Diffuser Essential Set comprises of:-

1. 1 x 120ml Ultrasonic Diffuser worth RM 239.90
2. 1 x 5ml Relief Essential Oil Blend worth RM 59.90
3. 1 x 5ml Repel Essential Oil Blend worth RM 59.90
4. 1 x 5ml Relax Essential Oil Blend worth RM 69.90

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We're so thrilled to know that you enjoy diffusing our three essential oil blends. Yes! Relax essential oil blend which has french lavender, geranium, mandarin and sandalwood is truly relaxing. We're truly grateful that you took the time to share your feedback with us. Please do take care as always.