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Ayate Handmade Pouch

Ayate Pouch is handmade from 100% Agave fabric in Mexico. 

The Ayate fabric is woven by village women in a small co-op in Central Mexico. It is made from the leftover pulp of the famous Agave cactus, i.e. the source of Tequila. The fabric softens and swells when placed in water.

Benefits of Ayate Pouch:

1. Eco-friendly bag for soap, bath soak & potpourri.
2. Natural body scrubber and excellent exfoliator for the skin. 
3. Biodegradable.

Care Instructions:

1. The Ayate Pouch will take several uses to expand and tighten completely.
2. Please keep the Ayate Pouch dry after shower.
3. If mildew develops due to the humid environment, soak briefly in water with bleach.

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