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Good product

Definitely going to purchase the next bottle.

Nice and affordable

Bought these brushes a while ago. The whole bamboo handle may feel a little different than normal plastic toothbrushes but it is definitely worth it to purchase. And the price is unbeatable. If you wanna dive into zero waste, this is the number one zero waste swap. Go ahead try it!

Fantastic products.

Fantastic products. i m especially impressed by the rose facial soap, cleanses very well and does not make me feel dry at all. my pores look more refined. skin regained natural fairness and pinkish. highly recommended facial products and shampoo set.

not so much foam but my face feels clean and refreshing.

good products

Gentle on the face

It's my second bar of soap which I use for my face and this time I chose to try the avocado one. I much prefer this because it does not aggravate my sensitive skin.

Perfect self-love gift

I was looking to try out their products (particularly their shampoo bars) and decided to go with this! I asked to switch the soap to a shampoo bar (I got both in rosemary mint) and paid the difference. Loved them all. The pouch is soft and the quality is really good, I use it to stuff things that's normally a clutter in my handbag! The pine soap dish really keeps the shampoo bar dry, which means less wastage. Everything is recyclable, and this is one of the reasons why I will buy from them again.

Great on scalp and the environment!

I asked to switch to both shampoo bars and paid the difference! Everything about this is meaningful = great products, and 100% recyclable. I didn't experience any issues transitioning from my current shampoo to the bars (as advertised, it depends on your scalp and hair type), probably because the shampoo I was (still am, I switch in between) is similar in terms of ingredients (rosemary and overall a herbal shampoo). First time customer, likely life-long.

Clean yet moisturise

This is my first bar type of facial cleanser. I was surprise of how much my face love this. I cut a small piece to use. It doesn't bubble as mucb as other foam cleanser, it is not for you if you love very foaming cleanser.

Good for sensitive and dry skin

This soap is really good for my sensitive skin, I hardly trust new products for my skin, but this soap doesnt dry my skin out! Really love the case! Easy to carry everywhere.

One of the best facial serum

I received free Damask Rose Facial Serum from The Olive Tree and it arrived at the perfect time as I’m having breakout due to my hormones. It comes in a cute box, a personal handwritten note plus there a cap on the pump which you can remove when you want to pump out the serum.

The facial serum has a light rose smell to it which I like because the smell is not too heavy.

I’m using the serum with a different brand of cleanser, toner and moisturiser and I’ve been trying this product for more than one week and it does slightly reduce the redness on my face and it’s suitable for sensitive skin.

The serum is not sticky and gave a matte finish. I have a sensitive skin and this serum does not irritate my skin. It does not sting and leave red spots/patches on my face after applying plus my skin does not feel clogged, uncomfortable or unbreathable. Tried other facial serums before and it was not suitable for my skin unlike this one.

I noticed on my second day, my skin feel softer and moisturized. While I’m not sure on how effective it is against acne, the serum does help reduce the redness on my skin and for me, it does reduce the acne pain (from the newly formed acne). So far this serum does help with some of my skin issues. I went and bought the rest of the Damask Rose facial care range, will start using it after my current skincare products finished. Hopefully it will help restore my skin back to how it was before. Thank you again The Olive Tree for the facial serum.

Earthy and clean

I used to have a huge scalp problem, and my hair is always in a dry condition. That also means I have to go to salon most of them time, which I personally don't want to rely on electronic scalp treatment. When I started using this conditioner, it takes time to adapt to a natural hair care. After 2 weeks of using, I gotta say there's a vast difference in my hair. My hair became thicker, smoother and not to mention, it looks like as if I got a salon treatment! The scent of mint does give me a relaxing effect, love how eco friendly this product is too! :)

I have bought all 3 types of shampoo. At the moment I had tried 2 types. I think the Rosemary & Mint suits me. Obviously my scalp is healthier and the hair loss condition has reduced. As for the Lavender Chamomile is not so suitable oily hair like me, it caused my scalp more oily. Will recommend for those sensitive to try The Olive Tree products.


Disappointing to know that you are using CITRIC ACID, a chemically produced. This ain’t came from citrus fruits. This is not good for the skin and eyes.

Hi srl2019, thanks for your feedback. Citric acid is naturally found in many citric fruits and juices such as lemon and lime and it is used to balance the ph level of our body washes. Please be rest assured that it is not harmful to our skin and its composition used in our body washes is less than 1% of total content.

The first few wash were disappointing because I thought the smell was so faint, not enough bubbles, i felt my hair were unruly. Sad.

Guess what? After the 3rd wash, everything change! Super silky bouncing hair!! The last time I had this healthy hair was years ago when I was young. I will never buy other shampoo. Less hair fall, my scalp not itchy anymore, bouncy hair. 10 stars!

Nice Product

Very Fast Delivery and the package is so Pretty^^
My 3rd time purchase
Thx for the hand writing Card❤️
Love It

tea tree and mint shampoo soap

It's amazing that i've never used a soap bar as my shampoo. Really works wonder on my oily, itchy dandruff hair.

Argan and Rosehip Oil lotion

Definitely going to purchase the next bottle. Having dry, itchy and ezcema skin after my 2nd delivery baby,lots of lotion and cream been used even steroid. But the argan and rosehip oil lotion is a live saving to me. the cream is so rich , texture absorbing well, honestly, it helps my dry itchy skin aand the best thing is ezcema heals up properly.

Really love this Geranium oil.

"Out of expectation..."

At first I thought it might be too strong smell for me, and it is TOTALLY FINE and NICE! It really helps me to sleep better and relax. Well, i can't find mosquito in my room now too! =P

Love it

very refreshing

Love my avocado soap

Finally I found a product, which is suitable and not harmful to my very dry body skin. I don't need anymore to use lotion after every shower. So far it is my favourite!

Perfect gift for loved ones.

Natural diffuser as compared to other commercialise diffusers.

Very good on skin. Doesn't feel oily on skin

Body and massage oil

First time trying this body and massage oil from Olive Tree, no regrets at all! Love the fact that it has a nice, relaxing scent that isn't too overpowering. Hubby liked the it too, and he usually doesn't like any product that has any fragrance.

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