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Remedy for acne back

I like the woody and sweet aroma of the cedarwood. The best part of this soap is it cures my back acne effectively and my skin turns out to be brighter.


I like the smell. Feel relax when using the soap. This is my third pieces of soap from them.

Love it🤩

My solution.

Love the refreshing sense. help me a lot when I started sneezing or feeling stomachache.

Compact, light and tight

This tin is so awesome, it got stolen from me! I can imagine people liking it so much when they saw it till they had the biggest urge to steal it.
If you bought this, guard it with your life (i guess) haha. I will purchase this again soon. So Pavi, wait for me ya.

Work wonders!

I use this along with Argan Hip Oil Lotion and it works wonder to my son’s dry feet. Don’t trust me if you are not keen on good result, and if you don’t want your money worth spent.

I could not believe my luck!

My son developed some dry patches under his feet and i had been trying many different products until i came to this booth.

The lovely sales person recommended i try this together with Virgin Olive essential oil; and my son’s feet has been better and better each day. I massage this lotion along with the essential oil every night before bed and morning before heading out, and put his socks on.

I highly recommended everyone especially with problematic skin to start your visit to their lovely booth in Pavillion.

Worth every penny!


I’ve tried so many lotion and cream before but no one good as this product.

Currently my favourite shampoo

My son bought this shampoo bar for me. After using less than half of the bar, I found that it works wonders for my scalp ( I have minor seborrheic dermatitis). So I ordered another 2 bars to ensure I have continuous supply

Responsible Seller

Excellent customer service. Back again to get another big diffuser for gift :)

Faulty Diffuser

Bought my first large diffuser & was very happy. Decided to buy another for gift but the on button is faulty

Bought the large diffuser & was very happy with it. Decided to buy another for gift but the unit is faulty :(

Thanks so much for letting us know Shamala. We tested the diffuser before sending it out and it was working fine but it was highly likely that it sustained some damage during the delivery. We have exchanged a new unit for you and thanks again for highlighting this to us.

Itss amazinggggg !!! I love the rose extract sooo muchhhh 😍 because it make my skin look sooo glowinggg. ❤️ And one more thing that’s t I like because its 💯 from organic 🌳

Its amazingggggggggg !!!! I love the rose extract. Which makes my skin look extraa glowing. Its brighten my skin soo muchhhh 😍

Batik Workshop for Beginners
Batik Workshop for Beginners

Very fun and interesting workshop by Ms. Dora, a very passionate teacher who shared a lot in the workshop. Thanks The Olive Tree, Hong Mei and team for organizing such a wonderful workshop! My sister and I love it and will definitely come back for other workshops!

Size ok but not suitable for dry hairs

A bit dry after washing even used together with conditioner

Love the serum & moisturiser a lot !

Not sure if it's the right shampoo for me

on my 2nd week now, hair falls quite alot after washing (compared to previous shampoo) & my hair gets dry.
Not sure if it's too dry on my scalp.
Will continue to monitor.

Smells good

Love the scent. Leaving my hair smooth and soft

Great shampoo

Loving it so far. Making my hair soft but it'll be abit dry after the shampoo. Needs to compliment with the conditioner

AMAZING product!

I just can’t get over this lovely soap! It has helped calm my eczema more than cortisone does! I even take a bar with me, when I’m out the house to wash my hands, as it is amazingly gentle on my skin! Just love it!


This is my first-time purchased and it really amazed me with the results. My skin is allergy and it won't dry up my skin. After using it my skin feels more smooth.


Love the smell. It is good for calming and use before sleep. Love it

Luv it

Very soft and smell really nice... for sure to buy again...

In the Beginning, I felt stingly on my eczema skin, after 3rd time, no more stingly feeling anymore

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