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FAQs - Natural Reed Diffuser

How many reeds should I put in a bottle ?

It boils down to preference. More reeds diffuse more scent. Our recommendation is to start off with 6 reeds first and from there, based on your preference you can add more reeds if you would like a stronger scent.

Where should I position my new reed diffuser?

Positioning your reed diffuser near a source of airflow, such as a vent or a window, will help the fragrance spread faster throughout the room. The disadvantage is that this will also decrease the life span of your reed diffuser as oil dissipates faster. Try placing your reed diffuser away from air conditioning or vents first and determine if the scent is sufficient for your own personal preference.

My reed diffuser doesn't smell as strongly as it used to even though there's still plenty of oil in the bottle. What can I do?

You can try flipping the reeds whenever you'd like a stronger fragrance as this can help kick-start the diffusion process. Don't flip too often, however because the more often you flip your reeds, the faster the oil will dissipate. You can also give the bottle a gentle swirl to blend the ingredients of the oil and strengthen the scent.

Sometimes the reeds are completely saturated with oil and over time, they can become clogged. If you still have oil in the bottle and flipping the reeds doesn't seem to help, consider replacing your reeds.

Can I reuse my reeds ?

No. Once reeds have been used for a certain scent, you cannot use them for another scent. The scent that is already absorbed into your reeds will mix with the new scent.

You should use new reeds when you switch to a new scent, if the reeds become completely saturated, or if they become clogged with dust.