Volumizing brush with soft, dense and bouncy bristles that perfectly great to use it for applying clay mask or cream base foundation.


Size : 11.5mm x 50mm

Hair length : 25mm

Material : Wood, Aluminium, PBT


Safety precaution:

1. Do not use on damaged or broken skin.

2. Do not share with others and keep the brush clean & dry for next use.

3. Do not use for any other purposes than applying make-up.

4. Keep out of reach of children. 

Our delivery is 2-5 working days for West Malaysia, 3-7 working days for East Malaysia and all international shipment.

Orders will be couriered between 9am - 6pm from Monday to Friday only.

Pregnant women in their first trimester are not encouraged to use the product which contains rosemary and peppermint essential oil which may lead to uterine contractions. We recommend consulting your general practitioner on the ingredients list of our product prior to use.

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