Multipurpose Household Soap

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This gentle multipurpose household soap is perfect for daily use when you do your household chores like washing your dishes or clean surfaces. 

This handmade multipurpose household soap is made from recycled vegetarian cooking oil, coconut oil and is scented with the refreshing pine essential oil to make going about your daily chores more enjoyable and kinder to your skin.

This handy bar of multipurpose household soap is free from the usual harsh chemicals like sulphates (i.e. SLS & SLES) which is irritable to our skin.

How to use: 

Dishwashing soap: Use wet sponge together with the soap to wash dishes and utensils. Alternatively, you can cut the soap into tiny slices or shavings and soak it into water. Rinse well.

Household cleaner: Use wet sponge together with the soap to clean surfaces in kitchen and bathroom.

Size: Approx. 200g


Aqua, Recycled Vegetarian Cooking Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide*, Pinus Sylvestris (Pine) Essential Oil 

* none remains after saponifying into soap and oil.