Delicate Spring Blossom Hair Set RM129.90

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Delicate Spring Blossom Hair Set RM129.90

(Save 28% NP: RM179.60)


This gift set includes:-

1. Spring Blossom Shampoo 200ml worth RM69.90

2. Spring Blossom Soap 95g worth RM34.90

3. Wooden Comb worth RM49.90

4. Scrunchie in Assorted Colour worth RM24.90

Rejuvenate with the scent of fresh blossoms that is both fascinating and captivating. Spring Blossom collection encapsulates the essence of spring season like no other.

Infused with magical springtime scent of pink blossom, renew your skin with an uplifting floral, abundant fruity and sweet citrusy luxurious shower experience.

A luxurious balanced hydrating range for people with dry, acne-prone, blemished, and irritated skin and scalp. Suitable for all skin types and hair types.

Formulated for dry scalp and hair. The nourishing botanical blend of Argan Oil, Rose Geranium & Pink Grapefruit essential oils regulates sebum, hydrates and keeps your hair fresh. Rich in Vitamin E & antioxidants, it reduces hair breakage, improves hair texture and boosts shine.