We're Sorry but We Will Still Do The Best For You

January 07, 2022

We're Sorry but We Will Still Do The Best For You
Dear OliveTreeFam,


After much consideration, we have deemed it necessary to adjust our rates to keep pace with packaging, manufacturing, shipping, operating costs (and in all aspects). Beginning 1 Feb, 2022, there will be a 5 - 10% increase in the prices of our products except #OliveTreeBox (our subscription box) for the year of 2022.

This was a tough decision to make, and we understand how it affects you. As you know, we are always committed to bringing only the best and highest-quality products and customer service.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic and global economy, the cost of raw materials, manufacturing, shipping, and labour has increased drastically since 2020.  In the past we have absorbed the increasing cost associated with our products, as our pricing has remained unchanged for the past 3 years.

But the current rise of costs is so intense, it’s no longer sustainable for us to keep the old price as we move along to provide you with the same, high-quality products and services.

Therefore, to stay committed to our values that lie at the core of our company – providing only the best to our customers, we truly appreciate for your ongoing support and trust that these changes will help us continue providing you with premium quality and service.

As always, you’ll be heard so please reach out me if you have any concerns or questions. Let’s ride through this together.

Gratefully yours,

Hong Mei

Founder of The Olive Tree




1. When is the effective date of price increase?

The price increase will be effective from 1 Feb 2022.


2. How much is the price increase for all products / specific product?

The price is yet to be finalized however there will be a 5-10% increase in price.


3. What if I’m a subscriber of #OliveTreeBox?

Great news as #OliveTreeBox subscribers can enjoy the good ol’ price for the year of 2022. The price for #OliveTreeBox will remain unchanged.


4. I’m not subscribed to #OliveTreeBox, can I subscribe now and enjoy the same price as subscriber?

Yes you can subscribe now to enjoy the same benefits as our subscribers with no price increase on the products in the year of 2022.


Price of #OliveTreeBox are as below:

i. Shower Box RM239.90

ii. Shower Box For Kids RM 274.90

iii. Refill Box RM 229.90

iv. Soap Box RM97.90

v. Aromatherapy Box 1 RM149.90

vi. Aromatherapy Box 2 RM249.90

vii. Facial Care Box RM249.90


5. What if I have subscribed to only single product?

Subscription of single product will have price increase of 5-10% same as normal products except for #OliveTreeBox subscription.

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